Sonic Plush: SonAmy


Plot?: Amy is all over Sonic and will do anything to be with him. Even if Metal Sonic teams up with a spider (yes, a spider) to stop the blue blur.

– Voice Cast:
Amy Rose -SuperChaos98

Sonic the Hedgehog – TheDragonSuperFan

Miles “Tails” Prower – Alyssa Mireles

Metal Sonic – MrGojira95

Legs the Spider – Sir Mecha G.

– Sonic the Hedgehog Sound Effects:

– Where to find music?:

– Where to get your own Sonic plush characters?:

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  1. I want to thank @Alyssa Mireles for her voice work as Tails, your voice acting once again hit a home run!!! And @TheDragonSuperFan for his awesome voice work as Sonic as always, also sorry for spelling your name wrong in the end credits!!! And the biggest surprise, +Superchaos98 as Amy Rose. Man, you were so good!! I got you confused with Lisa Ortiz. XD
    Without your voice acting, this video wouldn't have been possible. I'm grateful and blessed to have found such great talent like yourselves.

  2. I have one Sonic plush but is Sonic but at my Sister's birthday at Friday legacy is coming to her birthday and she got all of the plush Sonic

  3. When i get those toys of sonic the hedgehog and Amy rose there gonna get married so sonic love Amy and Amy loves sonic!🎁🎒🏡🌅💝😍😘

  4. Bom dia de instalação e deixar as fibras passadas de manhã com Camila qual a turma de Letícia que ele vai


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