Spanky's Quest All Bosses


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Spanky’s Quest Snes All Bosses
Spanky’s Quest Bosses

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Spanky’s Quest (Japanese: 反省ザルジローくんの大冒険 Hepburn: Hansei Zaru: Jirō-kun no Daibouken?, lit. “Monkey Reflections: The Adventures of Mr. Jiro”) is an action game published in 1991 by Natsume, for the Game Boy and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The Game Boy title is known in Japan as Lucky Monkey (ラッキーモンキー Rakkī Monkī?).

The main character of the game is Spanky the monkey, who attacks by throwing different kinds of balls. The SNES game has a storyline in which Spanky must defeat an evil witch named Morticia.

The game is known for its very upbeat Jazz soundtrack. #Allbosses #finalboss #bossfight


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  1. Spanky's Quest (SNES) All Bosses
    Apple (Boss)
    Pineapple (Boss)
    Watermelon (Boss)
    Peach (Boss)
    Grapes (Boss)
    The Witch / The Crow

  2. During the Pineapple boss. You can stay protected at the corners of the stage. He'll jump and bounce of the wall every time.


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