Spanky's Quest [SNES] :: SPEED RUN (0:25:14) by FFGamer86


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Released by Natsume in 1992, Spanky’s Quest is a first-gen SNES game starring a fruit killing, bubble blowing monkey and guest starring slowdown.
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For those who stumble across these videos, a speed run is a video of a person or persons, completing a game as fast as possible using any means possible. This can include glitches, abusing in-game mechanics and skipping items or even playing events out of sequence.

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  1. I just discovered this game yesterday! I played it and got instantly hooked. Not surprising because it has the mark of a Bubble Bobble Part 2 clone (but not exactly) and Bubble Bobble Part 2 is my favorite NES game.

  2. This US/western version of the game is missing one world as well as one other boss from what I recall. The backgrounds and bosses are also mismatched with backgrounds as a result of the world omission, which is actually a tutorial world for the beginning of the game.

  3. Will SpeedDemosArchive upload all AGDQ2014 runs? if not is there somewhere they are being uploaded, because I missed almost the entire thing.


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