Spanky's Quest: The WEIRDEST Game on the SNES


Mario has mushrooms, Spanky has various sports balls. This game doesn’t make much sense and nothing cleared up when I decided to revisit Spanky’s Quest for New Game Plus. Playing through this SNES game felt a bit like a fever dream. I don’t know what’s going on but when I was a kid it made perfect sense to me because it was a video game. This game does have some interesting mechanics that would be great if things were not so random. Let’s find out just how weird it can get in my Spanky’s Quest review!

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  1. I am having trouble figuring out how his parents thought it was a good idea to tell him to rent a game called ‘Spanky’s Quest’…

  2. Throw a monkey not related to Donkey Kong, fruits, sports balls and Gruntilda's lesser known cousin into a third rate blender you get at a thrift store and what do you get? Well you get this short quest that is quite tame for a SNES game and has a bizarre anti-fruit message to it.

  3. I find your reviews of videogames the most true of all. When people review movies and books they sit all the way through it to the end, and I feel it's only fair to give videogames the same playing field. Most reviews for games are about story, then gameplay while yes that does give you a general concenus about the game it doesn't give the full experience of sitting through it to the end.

  4. Leaving a comment and liked; I gotta support my beard man, and I DO remember this game…. in gaming guides. Never played it myself!

  5. I went to Blockbuster all the time and always picked up games I never heard of. One of those games was Earthbound. I thought it was super weird but I was into it and tried to explain it to my friends and they all just looked at me funny. Few years later Ness was in Smash and the rest is history. But Earthbound was definitely my weird game that I loved, fortunately it's a classic…sorry Spanky's Quest didn't hold up lol. Great video would love to see more like this: games that aren't necessarily popular but hold a personal connection to your gaming history.

  6. I emerged 11 months ago from a crack in the ground. although i adjusted to above ground life quickly, i had never felt safe, i had never felt warm. The light on my skin sent shivers down my spine you see…
    Anyway, Mr Completionist has turned that cold light into warm and all engulfing darkness. i truly thank this man for darkening my soul.

  7. So i had one of these moments my self that being a game called scurge hive dont know if you know it but its a ds/gba game that's a isometric metriod like game

  8. yes i’ve had his type of memory before! i remember some paintball FPS for PC that had bots. must have been low spec given our computer around 2000. but never been able to remember what it was…

  9. I like pretty much all your content and consume weekly as well as content of others as a form of stress relief. So thank you for always posting content..stay blessed.


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