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A beginning to end playthrough of Sierra On-line’s Dynamix developed 1991 PC adventure game, The Adventures of Willy Beamish, DOS CD version.

This is by far my favorite version of one of the most cinematic adventure games to touch the early 1990s. The VGA graphics and the fairly smooth animation make it a really nice game to look at (especially compared to the flat, low-color shading of the Amiga version and the wicked dithering in the Sega CD one), and the voice acting suits it to a T. It also lacks the horrible loading times that ruined the Sega CD version.

It’s the first of the trio that Dynamix released on their new game engine, the Dynamix Game Development System, the other two being Rise of the Dragon and Heart of China.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. Can’t remember what I had for breakfast but I watch a movie about a bee called Willy and decide to look up a game called Willy beamish because I remember my brother played it. Oh the human memory is a stunning thing.

  2. Hold on, the frog is called Horny? I remember playing it and enjoying it, but looking at it now in 2020 it is wrong in so many ways! XD

  3. FYI this is legit what life was like as a kid about to go on summer vacation in the early 90s

    The internet ruined everything

  4. 1:31:50 soooo problematic. love the past. it was fun. youll never be able to be casually racist w/your friends, if the democrats take back the senate, am i right? 1:42:30 oh it gets better. well thats ok now

  5. I couldn’t pass the frog jump contest. Later, I used the cheat book but couldn’t figure out where to go on the tram at the sludge factory. I’ve never seen the ending. My dad just asked me a few years ago if I wanted the game back and I told him to throw it away.

  6. I wish they would remake this game! I love it! Anyone know of any other new games similar to this? I saw that game Hello Neighbor looks kinda cool. Thanks!

  7. Amazing how this some familiar real-life figures/fictional characters in this game Miss Glass (Nanny McPhee), Principle Frick (Joe Flynn), Stan Lather (Rush Limbaugh) ,Photographer (Steven Spielberg), Old Man (Pat Morita), Spider (Marty MacFly with a personality of Biff Tannen), Security Guard Barney Fifth (Don Knotts), Cook (Julia Child), Ron Resling (Rod Serling), Louis Stoole (John Kerry) and of course Leona Humford (The Infamous Leona Helmsley the "Queen of Mean").

  8. This is great. I never would have thought someone actually did a Playthrough for this title. I never could get passed getting the Frogs off the Conveyor-belt, or whatever it was.

  9. Always got stuck at the 1:40:00 mark, both my brother and I. I'm sure we threw the bomb, and then no matter what we did we'd always get done by the gang, couldn't progress. I'm sure we even tried the wrench on the fire hydrant, but it wasn't working for us.

  10. I loved this game but could never pass it. Either the disc froze (sega cd) or it just took forever for the dialog to end. So glad that you uploaded this!

  11. Get it off, get it off the screen! I definitely didn´t expect that Ms. Glass would look like my math teacher from elementary schoold. Brrrr! Those bad memories

  12. these games are best left in my memory. i remember it so clearly and fondly yet it looks unbearable to play today. Ahhh nostalgia.

  13. Whoa… played this when I was around 8 years old. I never realized there were so many innuendos in this game lol.


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