The Cave Island Walkthrough – The Island – Hermit and The Boat


The Cave Island Walkthrough – Walkthrough for The Cave’s Island area, with gameplay. Stuck in the Island area in The Cave? Watch on for the full solution. For more The Cave walkthroughs, see the rest of our The Cave walkthroughs for the other common areas, as well as the seven characters.

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  1. I have a question, whenever I was playing the miner part and I finished the level I couldn’t find the lever to open the gate to the zoo I looked everywhere and I could find it and I ended up jumping into this pool which took me to this island. Is there any way I can try and restart so I can play the zoo level?

  2. I just pushed the barrel as far as I could before it explodes and that did the trick without using all 3. The character dies tho

  3. If anyone is wondering how to get the painting under the balloon- use one companion to hold the water pipe open (by keeping E on when u swap to another companion) then get another to jump across onto the little landing where the flap is pushed up then from there u can safely jump down- hope that makes sense

  4. the game seems to have glitched for me, the crate you have to push at the far right of the island is over the log, and is just figiting about there, stuck. I can't move it so can't get into the cave. Will I have to start the game over?

  5. you can jump with every charkter and be alive but i cant look the picture… dont think the people are to stupid to get down there ….

  6. have someone hold the valve so continuous water falls on it then choose sum1 near the person holding the valve and jump onto it but you must have the adventurer i believe.


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