The Game Wanted Him & 50 Cent To "Go Out Like Tupac And Biggie" During Their Beef


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The Game sat down with HipHopDX to talk about his 15 year career. They spoke about everything from Dr. Dre to Jay Z. But in this clip they dove into wanting to his beef with 50 Cent to end by both of them going out like Tupac and Biggie.

Guest: The Game (@losangelesconfidential)

Interview By: Jeremy Hecht (@jeremy_hecht)

Senior Content Strategist: Jaysn Prolifiq (@jaysnprolifiq)

Video Edited By: Jaysn Prolifiq (@jaysnprolifiq)

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  1. I'm doin my best to be a rapper and I'm just gonna me, not nobody else. I grew up listen to Master P and No Limit and then I listen to some West Coast shit alot and I don't wanna be like no one that who I saw on t.v.

  2. Just imagine hearing a kid got killed in a random shootout in compton after you gave away 50 guns to your bloods damn that was stupid 🤦🤦🤦

  3. when he was beefing with 50 he stayed away from Eminem as much as possible because he admitted he Can’t mess with em

  4. Pretty sure Dre said game has zero lyrical skills with writing, but he could rap and they needed a.west coast rapper so he got in by default.

  5. You guys censored shit and fuckin at 0:23 0:33 and 0:55. But at 1:00 it was not censored. Why bother censoring it though if you're not doing it for all the video? HAHA!

  6. It’s believable to me because at that time there was no social media . If you got caught slipping , nobody was worried about going to jail for committing a crime on camera . He had to stay ready .

  7. Random Mexican dud is sending out random texts to different phone numbers in LA about wanting guns. Finally gets a hold of Game and game without asking questions on price,etc. just goes to meet the guy. The guy ask for 10,000 and game says cool and afterwards gets hungry goes out for dinner, forgetting that he just spent 10,000 on guns. He takes the guns out for a joyride and when he arrives at the restaurant he almost quickly forgets about the guns in the car. Then parks his Range Rover and leaves the guns inside the car. In this story, are the guns a metaphor for something?🤔


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