The Longest Grand Slam Rally Ever? | Australian Open 2013


Frenchmen Gilles Simon and Gael Monfils push each other to the limit, slugging it out over 71 strokes in one amazing rally at the Australian Open 2013.


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Australian Open 2016 from 19 January – 1 February 2016.

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    එන්න ඔබ ඇයව රැගෙන ගියොත්… එපමණයි

  2. I knew Simon was on this clip without even looking. Saw him play doubs one year at IW. Lost in first round of course. Whiffed…yes totally whiffed on a volley lol

  3. Yes , it is true that they were 71 shots on that point but the only reason why that has happened is because really nothing special has happened on each side. Lots of the center to center shots , not too much variation on depth or acute angles , attaching shots , volleys,…, really lacking any clear or smart strategy. No one put any real pressure on the other player. Everything looked to me more like a practice match in the back yard , between two professional players, or an exhibition match. Waiting for the player to miss due to inconsistency is not a preferred option in Pro tennis anymore. The players who really are on the top of of game today are winning most of their points within first 4 contacts of of the ball ( rallies of 2-4 shots)

  4. If you think this rally is bad, watch the 61 shot rally between these two in Hamburg. That rally literally looked like a textbook warm up rally. At least this rally kind of had some variety at the end

  5. wtf, who are all these ppl saying ‘federer would’ve smashed this person or federer would’ve hit this winner’. are you roger? why r u so arrogant about him? u forgot about how hot it can be at melbourne and how fast the court is. looks boring from our device screens but on court it’s a total different story, u can see they were clearly tired after the rally, i’d like to see u try and do that pft, acting like it’s so easy to rally consistently like that in 40°C

  6. Gilles n Gael dont have the bravery like Rafa n Novak when it comes to long rally.
    Rafa n Novak's rallies are like fire with fire, n very brave going for power and angles, while these 2 french men are just keeping it safe #boring


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