The True Reason FNAF Was CANCELLED! | Joy of Creation: Story Mode (TJOC) Pt. 1


The Yiff Returns! | Dayshift at FNAF 2 (Pt. 1) ►
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THE JOY OF CREATION is back with an incredibly spoopy story mode that claims to reveal why Scott cancelled the release of FNAF 6! I’m terrified, but very excited. Join Steph and I as we discover the Truth behind the mysterious end to FNAF!

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  1. Then again this is a fan game, and fan games aren't cannon no matter how great they are so…also FNAF VR and ar AND the up coming security breach so….yeah

  2. Every time I see a lets play of this they always say "why would we ever turn our light on????" even though the guy says "turn your light on to feel less scered"

  3. 1st look (7:00) and (8:08) and (9:40) Matpat and Steph just got scare by ignited Freddy ignited Bonnie and ignited Foxy but three of these jumpscare scare the crap out of me, but where the heck is ignited Chica at tho.

  4. Jump scare list!
    I’m putting them at the bottom of this comment so if you don’t want to see them you won’t unless you want to 😀
    Have a great day!


  5. I paused the video at the chica jump scare and it was weird, also I feel like the jump scares in this game are scarier than they are in certain fnaf games like fnaf 3

  6. Everyone: talking about matpat and Steph being so loud when he screams
    Me, who has horrible hearing: y'all are being ridiculous

  7. Lol u pointed a finger gun at me while I had an airsoft gun in my hand, so I pointed it at you and you froze! 0:50

  8. none of the YouTubers gets the bedroom level. Chica is light off stand. bonnie knocks twice then leaves and comes back and knocks twice again and then leaves and comes back and knocks 3 times and comes in. the light gives you sanity, Freddy will laugh when he appeared in the window and will laugh sadly when he leaves and foxy is a nightmare.

  9. Mu ears , my poor ears 😭😭👂🏼👂🏼are now deaf because of your screaming in the mic. Your screaming is much scarier than that's of the animatronics.


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