Top 10 Games On Our Radar – June 2020


Paula joins us once again to review the Top 10 board, card, and tabletop games that are on OUR radar for the month of June 2020. Enjoy!

This episode hosted by Paula Deming, who also has her own incredibly awesome YouTube channel about board games, called Things Get Dicey, at:

Top 10 Games With momenTEN/Climbers:
Ten “Underdog” Games We’re Rooting For:
Cult Of The News:

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  1. I like these videos, but they’re always too late. They feature games whose Kickstarter campaign has already ended and still aren’t set to release for a while or games like Santa Monica that are already for sale. I’m a little confused about what these videos are supposed to be.

    Btw, the instrument playing in the Paula’s Pick intro is a tuba, not a trumpet.

  2. 6:15 "must kill the Slasher and determine his loco-motive". I REALLY wanted to boo, but daggone it… it works on so many levels. Well played.

  3. Great work! If this was a board game it would be in my top 5. Very well produced, entertaining, and informative.

  4. Is it just me or is Paula absolutely adorable? Plus she’s a board gamer and apparently loves Harry Potter? She’s perfect. Funny too.

  5. You know I just realized the transition sound is actual sonar instead of a radar. Also Chaz, looks like there is plenty of space to park in that parking lot.

  6. This channel just keeps getting better and better. Absolutely LOVE the banter…straight reviewing is sooo yesterday. LOL

  7. The moment Paula mentioned momenten I was expecting Rodney to jump in complaining that they never agreed on that name as it is officially known as top ten climbers. Maybe he was busy taking Chaz parking spot XD

  8. I pretty much fell out of my seat laughing during this episode. I'll make you a deal, Chaz. If you teach via interpretive dance, I'll choo-choo-choose a new set of categories for you 🙂

  9. You guys hit the perfect level of cheesy silliness and witty banter while still turning us on to awesome new games. And Paula is a rising star!

  10. What games do you think could best be taught through interpretive dance? I could see a whole show being dedicated to this!

  11. Loved this, number 10 looks great for the family. That Harry Potter collection is beautiful, needs a book end or something to be able to admire better.

  12. You guys have such a great cast, and I love the general vibe of this vid series.

    Paula is a natural born presenter, who delivers lines like a seasoned sitcom actress. Really great reactions, expressions, and timing…

    And Chaz is a hoot as always!

    Great stuff!

  13. This is now my new favorite show. So many great lines. The writing your name on things really got me, love it.


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