Twinking in Classic WoW: The Level 19 Endgame!


What if end game was level 19? Enter the mad world of the crazy overpowered at a low level.

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  1. Back in vanilla, twinking at 59 and grind for R14 was a viable cheat since your are not in the honour brackets of 60s. I don't know if classic works the same way.

  2. Uh no I thought it was 10-14 15-19 20-24 25-29? This was true for awhile but blizzard shrimped the brackets to 10-19 and so on to get more people in those bigger bgs like AV.

  3. I loved twinking at Wotlk, i had 19 shaman and lighting shield was so OP with the spellpower gear i had 😀

  4. I understand the fun in maxing out a level 19 but imo in wow its just a cheap way to get wins.

    It's completely 100% different from smurfing in pretty much any other game because unlike other games where you just gain experience, in wow you're getting a straight up statistical advantage, as you said.

    If you look at a smurf in LoL or Cs, they could potentially be outplayed by a quicker opponent as beyond skill they are, in terms of hp and damage, on the exact same level.

    In wow, you just become nearly unkillable. It just won't matter how good the other player is unless his gear is really close to yours.

  5. Had a 19 twink lock. Melted everyone and had like 1500 health. Got close to killing me? Healthstone, fear, dot, dead. Way too much fun. At the time i was leveling a shammy and honestly missed BC cause i was playing my twink so much. Plus my buddy had a twink huntard so we we like 50-2 in WSG. There was no running from us

  6. The original twinks were quite literally people who didn't like how many buttons and ranks they had to monitor at 60. Being 19 is just so much easier. To put it simply, twinks are people who can't hack it at 60, so they hack you at 19.

  7. I feel like there should be a "twink" battle field and a "normal people enjoying lvling up and doing casual pvp for fun" one… i mean you just can't play if you are not a twink yourself against them, it's retarded it relaly kills pvp on normal servers. so yeah fuck twinks, ruining the experience of classic wow early pvp. I remember back in the days….. there would be all levels and you would have fun at any day.

  8. Can I run dungeons on another toon and get all the Defias set (except the chest) and twink out my character that way?

  9. There is the guy that killed his mother, there is the guy that sells heroin and there's the guy who's twinking at level 19.

  10. I remember when cata launched and I leveled to 79 and got cata boe and questing gear which gave you items with lots and lots more stats than wrath gear lvl 80 even and I just annihilated everyone in bg 😂

  11. Don't know if anyone is familiar with this but lvl 60 twink was a thing in TBC. Paladin and Mages were the best. You could use TBC items and max level engineering. Some Mages and Paladins were like raid bosses in AV but this was before they added experience from BGs. It was short lived but very fun.

    Even lvl 69 Twink was a thing, again Paladin was the best and Hunter. You level so slowly from WSG that you could play hundreds of BGs before you dinged 70 and was some of the best WSG I ever played.

  12. it don't have to be annoying for others, i twinked on private wotlk server and there were 2 giant guilds of twinks – on both factions. So basically they fought against themselfes in every BG… Only possile on lesser realms though

  13. 3:30 sounds like you were not into serious twinking back in the day. You don't even have to take 1 exp. All you have to do, is have your friend DIE near the boss. In group loot he is still able to loot even as dead. Of course remember not to release the corpse.

  14. Can I enchant BiS BoEs prior to equipping them without making them BoP? Or should I equip then pay get the enchanting done?


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