Wasted World – Rebuild Civilization in a Post Apocalyptic World


Wasted World Gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Wasted World and check out a game where you’ll build a full set of automated production lines from the trash of an old wrecked world.

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  1. I would like to see more of this, I feel like it has potential, I would like to see how far the progression goes. Also what is the endgame plan? Is there multiplayer and you have to fend off from other players on a server? Looks interesting, but at the same time a lot is unknown. it’s only alpha so people shouldn’t try and criticize it too much. Loving watching though 🤟🏼

  2. too many repetitive actions! It feels like it was made with a bunch of developers without any game designer

  3. i was thinking the stamina bar was pointless too. days that effect your crops and relationships make sense for stamina to force that in stardew. but in this game it seems to just have stamina because other games have it.

  4. Hey guys, I’m trying to locate an indie game but no matter how hard I look I can’t find it, maybe someone can help me. You start as a baby monster and you grow according to your decisions, on the video I saw, the monster was very young and it had to decide between help a kid find its way home, eat the kid or hide and observe. It may be one of Splat videos but when I saw it I didn’t had a lot of time so I didn’t pay much attention.

  5. "Maybe we will be able to plant something", "Need to work towards something", "How do I…"
    Looks at the ignored goals on the right of the screen…

  6. Game seems like just a huge grind fest. Feels like they were intending to do something else and specific with it but it hasnt worked how they wamt it to yet. Still has potential.

    Alas looking at this gameplay also reminds me that there is never the "perfect" apicalypse game. For some reason I invision a truly free game with free building and rebuilding. Say you clean up a house, in many games theres still rubbish you can never clean up because its part of the terrain. My own shortcomings in makibg games stops me from attempting but i do know it can difficult and i applaud those who can make them.

    Not a buy from me, but would be interested to see the change to this in a few months time.

  7. This is peak early access games right here. 20$ for half-assed game ffs. Whoever purchase this is a fucking idiot and deserve to get ripped off.

  8. I’ve watched a play through of this game before and it was done great made it look like a lot of fun was looking forward to this episode…. now I don’t think I like this game anymore??? 🤔🤔🤔

  9. Fun, unfortunate, fact about the homeless rotation: that's a real thing. Especially in areas of high panhandling.

    Growing up in Detroit I was the dumdum who got to know a few of them and multiple of them told me how they effectively unionized and socialized the homeless/panhandling operation in Detroit.

    Many of them would pool their resources, take shifts and spend time on different areas based on their success. People are more likely to help someone they haven't seen before… More than the person they gave a few bucks up but still see them there day after day at least.

    Food was pooled which is why if you give them food they typically put it somewhere and don't eat it. Same for cigarettes and money.

    They are legitimately needy. They're not secret millionaire who go to a house at night like some assholes think. And they usually take care of people who can't help themselves.

    Turns out when you're legitimately broke, you understand how socializing is good for the collective even if it maybe isn't as good for you personally. They rely on others for help no matter how they got there (drugs, disability, shitty circumstances etc) and so the few who told me this would say they tried to share whatever good fortunes they had because they know how bad their friends fortunes would be if they didn't.

  10. Interesting, even if a bit bare bone looking, maybe research, exploration and combat add to the depth, curious to see how it develops.

  11. Overwrought crafting system? Hard pass, hate the padding done with "mine 5000 trash to have 500 scrap to have 50 base to have 5 useable, but WAIT! you need 5000 useable to build anything". It tells me there is no content, all grinding.

  12. Not quite sure you're using the word profligate correctly, either as regards definition or pronunciation. 10 out of 10 for knowledge of, but sadly only a 3 for deployment.

  13. There are ways to replenish your stamina instead of having to go back to base. It's all part of the progression. Go into the research tab and you can get an idea of what awaits you.

  14. The game isn't for everyone there is a lot of grind. But for those of us that like to just relax and grind it isn't bad. I got 37 hours game play out of it before the latest update so for my one dollar an hour value I got my money's worth. I will be going back in for a second play through as I did enjoy it enough to do so.

  15. Corrugated steal can be asexual and reproduces via spores. What you were witnessing was a corrugated steal bloom. These happen around this time of year. Indeed the homeless act as a pseudo bloom pollinator and as they migrate they mix spores from various other blooms. Homeless migration is a key factor in the corrugated steal life cycle. These pollination phase allows the normally asexual steel to gain genetic diversity.

    Truly a majestic life form.

  16. Interesting game but for now I don't see a lot of content, if there is more interesting things to do I would love to see another episode

  17. It looks interesting reminds me of another top down survival game I actually wanna see a little more to see what the research gets you


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