Yard dice with inlaid wood


For Christmas 2017’s batch of homemade gifts, we set out to make “Yardzee” sets of big yard dice for our extended family. Rather than settle for dice with painted-on or burned-in dots, I wanted to try inlaid wood for the dots. It was a lot of work, but I really like the result. This was also an interesting exercise in making things in large batches.

The white dice were made from a 4×4 post of untreated pine with walnut dots cut from a dowel. The “red” dice came from some old posts I had replaced on my kids’ backyard playground. The bottom ends of the posts had rotted away, but I saved the rest and reclaimed it for this project. My best guess is that they’re redwood. The white dots came from birch dowels.



MUSIC: “Boulevard St Germain” by Jahzzar

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  1. Just found this awesome video. How deep did you drill the holes and did you push the dowels all the way in? I'd be worried about the glue pouring out! I need to buy a few tools for this. Thanks!

  2. Nice video. I have been making a DIY game video each day to pass time in lockdown. I will add this to my list. Subscribed.

  3. Ben what you made and how you made them was Fantastic, I suppose the question is why did you make so many??? 😱😱😱. Cheers Sean

  4. Super job! I especially liked the catch for the dowel cuts. It's a simple thing to set up, but I certainly wouldn't have thought of it. I'd be chasing discs all over. ^_^


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