Yard Yahtzee – Yard Dice


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The holes are 3/4″ diameter and 5/8″ deep
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  1. Nice video. I have been making a DIY game video each day to pass time in lockdown. I will add this to my list. Subscribed.

  2. Great build. Ill have to make some myself. Thanks! I edited this to take out my music comment, hindsight being 20/20 it was not the nicest thing to say, sorry.

  3. I know nothing about wood.  The wood you used is very nice Can you tell me what kind of wood it is and where to purchase.

  4. Great video, Mike! At first I assumed that resin was just paraffin wax, that you were putting in to mask the holes before painting in another color. However, as you said, the filled pips look really good. There is also a fun dice game called "Fill or Bust" you can play with 6 dice (though it has special cards with it).

  5. Nice job, Mike! I just had a co-worker ask me to make her a set of these. I switched up a bit and decided to cut them out on the CNC.

  6. Cool project Mike! I think there's enough critters shootin craps in my yard without me joining them though. 😀

  7. Great project – I think I will make this to take on our Memorial Day trip – kids will love it   Scott


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