YuGiOh! Power of Chaos Chazz Mod 2014 (PC Game) Download


Finally i complete the second Mod in My collection A Duel With the Enemy
After this Mod my friend stegorex will make alexis using my chazz mod for cards.
Until then you can download this mod here enjoy it and also after that i will share jack mod

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  1. 50% of cards does not work properly, (armed dragon lv3,5,7 brain control, lv up, grant mole……mising fusion for y dragon head, z metal tank, x had canon, there is only one fusion)
    if you know how cards work is not interesting to play. 🙂

  2. Get you’re busy and all. But once if you get the time for it, could you work on a MOD with all Yu-Gi-Oh GX characters? Where most GX cards are there, I really hope you can unlock all Ancient Gear cards. The player who we duel against doesn’t matter. Could be Jaden or anyone else from GX. Would just love one that’s based 100% from Yu-Gi-Oh GX, with of course some of the old Yu-Gi-Oh cards included, like in this game.

  3. Me ganaste, yo iba a hacer una versión de Chazz :C xD te quedo bien like
    PD: Puedes hacer uno pero con las voces en español?

  4. Can you make a mod with Society of Light Alexis as an opponent or being able to play as her, like you hear her voice when you play cards?

  5. Does it include all the cards already? Or must I 'unlock' them?
    Can I play via Hamachi?

    Sorry, I'm new to the mods thing.

  6. This look perfect, and it is awesome. But i must blame that letters of the cards, when you enter in duel, color of letters and backgrounds is to dark, and you can't see anything. Just, change that, and it is perfect. Sorry for my bad English. Keep up with good work! An i already download this 😉


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